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Production crew management

Our Services: More Than a Menu

Consider this an apéritif of what we do. Because truthfully, when you pair up with The Production Party you don’t just get a list of tasks and deliverables. You get a partner who can’t wait to help you create something stunning. And often, that includes skills and services like:

& Producing Shoots

At any shoot, you’ll find The Production Party onset and in-action. From managing crew call times and talent wardrobe requirements to ensuring equipment is available and everyone eats, we’ll be right there to make quick decisions that keep the momentum rolling.

Creative Consulation and Art Direction

Creative Experts

From directors to digital animators and photographers, we tap into our extensive network of talent to curate a creative team who’s eager to bring your vision to life.

Photography and videography
Professional production team

Facilitating Casting
& Handling Talent

In partnership with casting agents, we’ll find and recommend top-tier talent based on creative direction. Count on us to handle everything from auditions to callbacks and compliance.

Brand engagement

Scouting Locations
& Securing Permits

We don’t just hire a location scout. We partner with them every step of the way to align schedules, file permits, manage parking, negotiate agreements, and secure releases.

& Orchestrating Crews

No canned crews—we handpick every team member based on the creative vision of the project. Which means we also review every individual contract and invoice for accuracy.

Media production services

Planning Pre-Production
& Shoot Logistics

On time, on schedule, and on budget. We meticulously map the workflow of every project, including shoot schedules, geographic recommendations, travel logistics, insurance, contract negotiations and more.

Talent negotiation
Post Production Producer

Post Production

Once a shoot wraps, we’ll tie up all the loose ends by settling payments, filing forms, registering permits, and partnering with creative resources to deliver all final assets.

Concept development

& Managing Budgets

A well-planned budget is key to any successful production—even more paramount, is following it! Our emphasis on evaluating and allocating resources allows us to keep a constant pulse on the scope of work.

Negotiating Usage
& Art Buying

Not only do we help teams align on a tailored artistic vision, we provide access to a library of unique creative resources that are carefully cost-managed, complete with copyright negotiations and legal licenses.

Advertising content creation

Administering Payroll & Ensuring Compliance

We know numbers. We’ll take care of all the money matters, including documentation and management of labor compliance laws, tax and insurance regulations, contractual payments and risk mitigation.

Creative strategy
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