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Welcome to The Production Party

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Our Story

The Production Party was founded by Patty Hussey, an exceptionally talented producer and purveyor of all-things-production. From styling and scouting stills and to executive producing and casting campaigns for multi-billion dollar brands, Patty’s 20+ years of deep industry expertise mean she doesn’t just assemble talent and crews, she engineers brilliant teams.

And beyond the basics, Patty personally brings the party* to every production. (Try to say that three times fast with confetti cake in your mouth!) After seeing how decades of production processes evolved post-pandemic, Patty was inspired to rethink the role of production companies and how a hybrid approach to motion and stills can empower creatives to tell their best stories yet.

*Yes, the “party” comes from Patty, but it’s also how her name autocorrects in texts and emails. So when we say she brings the party, we mean figuratively…and quite literally. Gooo ahead, you know you want to type it now.

Producing with Purpose

The Production Party is a full-service stills and motion production company for visionary brands and creators who make campaigns that feel more like art than ads. We specialize in orchestrating every detail of the high-end stills and motion shoots that bring stunning advertisements to life.

Our real sweet spot? Seamlessly producing tandem stills and motion shoots which enable our partners to maximize the budget, time, and talent it takes to capture brand assets. From award-winning cinematographers to PAs and editors, we handpick our team of hybrid experts for each project based on their unique sets of skills and style. And our extensive global network allows us to tap into tailored talent for a perfect personality fit.

We believe every shoot should be a celebration of creativity. And we’re honored to play a part in producing work that makes the business of buying a little bit brighter.
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A Toast to Integrity

After decades of industry experience, we’ve seen hundreds of foolproof systems and proprietary production processes. And here’s what we’ve learned about what it takes to actually make a project successful—kindness and hard work will win the day every time.

Sure, expertise is essential. But experts are everywhere. We believe meaningful and memorable work really blooms from the rare gift of connecting people who see the world differently. People with creative integrity and the grit to go for more. People who challenge the convention and push the limits of what’s possible. It’s why we curate
every crew and handpick every partner. We’re basically production matchmakers.

Our values run deep, but our philosophy is fairly simple: be kind, work hard, and have fun. Also, never under-estimate the power of good craft services and a shade tent. We’ve got you covered.
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