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  High-end production company


The Production Party is a full-service stills and motion production company for visionary brands and creators who make campaigns that feel more like art than ads. From pre to post, we’ve been matchmaking the industry’s top talent and technology for decades. Which means we’ll take care of every detail so you can focus on the real occasion—bringing brilliant stories to life.

Productions are kind of a big deal.
Here’s how we treat them that way (every time).

Planning Productions
with Panache

​Efficient? Of course. Professional? absolutely. But those are just the table stakes. We believe every shoot should be a celebration of the creative process, and the most fantastic work is fun for everyone. From meticulous parking maps to perfectly timed refreshments, it’s the little things that make our style standout.

Fusing Formats

We produce stills and motion. But let’s talk tandem shoots. Many of our clients have found that our sweet spot lies in combining previously separate shoots to make the most of timelines and talent. The efficiencies really are endless…as long as you have a production partner with dual expertise. Hint, hint.

High Standards

It’s one thing to say you set the bar high. Afterall, production companies aren’t out there proclaiming, “Our specialty is low  standards.” But it’s another to actually do it. We know every edit, every scout, every VO is a chance to make our best even better. So, we keep aiming higher and higher.

"Patty Hussey, where do I start.  When you have Patty on your job as a Producer, she’s not just a Producer, she is part of your team!  Nothing phases her.  She is right there next to you, rolling up her sleeves, helping in every which way she can.  She will even go out and shop for you, if your Stylist lets you down!  She is amazing!  If Patty is working on your job, just sit back and watch her in action. As a Mother of two Adult Children, she knows first hand, how to switch the gears at a moments notice.  Clutch and all! Love her!"

Charlotte Kobberger, VP Content Producer


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You’re Cordially Invited to Connect

We’ve always been enamored with the click of a DSLR shutter and we’ll always get chills when we nail that shot just before sunset, but our passion for production stems from something even greater: people.

At our core we’re connectors. We formed The Production Party to pair up with people who see the world differently. Perhaps, that’s you? Click below to contact us and introduce yourself. We can’t wait to meet you.

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